Posted on: 21 April 2023

Here is a rundown of the latest improvements and updates included in Version 2.3.3.

New three-stage CTA form [Constituency Engage only]

The most significant change is to the Email MP contact form, which is now a much cleaner and simpler staged process.

Stage 1 – Enter email address, name and subscribe to future updates

Stage 2 – Edit the email template

Here users can edit the templates you have set up to pull-through constituency specific data, or just leave it as it is. The user’s name is automatically pulled through to the bottom of the email.

Stage 3 – Review and send

Upon pressing send the email will open in the user’s own default email application to complete the process.

In the event that the user’s email application doesn’t open, the body text is automatically copied so they can paste it into the email application of their choice.

The user’s emails are collated and your account manager can provide an export of email addresses for upload to CRM systems. A client analytics module enabling this to be done directly through Polimapper is in development.

Tables (Beta)

We have now introduced tables into the Chart Wizard, meaning that one column tables can now be created on the node view. 

This presents a new way to present numerical data, allowing for greater flexibility.

More complex tables will be added in future.

Map reset button and scrolling improvements

Improvements have been made to the zoom functionality on the maps. We have added a reset button which improves the user experience when navigating the map, making it much easier to zoom into specific areas within a map.

Chart downloads

It is now possible to download a png image of charts from a map. By clicking the download button at the bottom left of each chart, you will have a png which can be used in presentations and on social media.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Improved responsiveness of map listing on Polimapper CMS
  • Chart titles are now responsive and wrap.