About Polimapper

Polimapper is a business dedicated to visualising data and creating relevant insights leading to action.

Our suite of products have been designed to help organisations who lobby to provide political stakeholders with hyper relevant information to really grab their attention.

We do this by taking geographic data – whether proprietary, publicly available or collated via research – broken down by electoral, council and a range of other administrative boundaries, and visualising both the national and local picture via interactive maps.

We do this through our software as a service products, Stakeholder 1-2-1 and Constituency Engage, which are the only geographical data visualisation products on the market that have been specifically designed for stakeholder engagement.

Fully customisable to match your brand, national heatmaps help pick out country-wide trends and hotspots, while local area dashboards provide detailed information on how an issue impacts that area, how it compares to the national average and ranks against other similar administrative areas.

We work with a wide range of clients from associations and charities, to corporate and public affairs agencies, all with their own stories to tell through data.

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