Take the pain out of data work

If you want to use data for your campaigns but the thought of having to do the legwork gives you a headache, then don’t worry because Polimapper has a range of consultancy services designed to help you.

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Freedom of Information Requests

FOI requests can produce a wealth of valuable data, but they are time consuming to undertake.

First you have to work out who to contact; then navigate your way through the various methods of contacting organisations by form and email; process all the responses and work out who you need to follow up with; then finally analyse and process all of the data you receive.

If you don’t have the time to undertake the above – and let’s face it most of us wouldn’t – then don’t worry because you can enjoy all the benefits of unique FOI data for your campaign – complete with visualisation – without needing to do anything other than tell us what you data you are hoping to obtain.

Public data scans

There is an ever growing bank of publicly available data, broken down by local area such as parliamentary constituency or local authority.

Government departments, the Office for National Statistics and the NHS are all plentiful sources of such data.

Despite this, laying your hands on publicly available geographical data that aids your campaign or advocacy objectives isn’t easy. There is no central repository of data and the detail is often buried in spreadsheets.

Trying to locate relevant data can often be time consuming and sometimes fruitless.

Again, Polimapper is on hand to help. We can use our knowledge of publicly available data to cut down the time needed to research relevant information and deliver to you a report on the data that best fits your needs.

Building visualisations

Polimapper’s content management system has been designed to be easy to use. With an import wizard for uploading data, and a simple interface, creating visualisations with Polimapper is a breeze compared to comparable GIS interfaces.

However, we recognise that many of our clients simply don’t have the time to play around with map colours and key ranges. They just want the finished visualisation to help with their campaign objectives or for use in meetings with political stakeholders.

Which again is why we can do it for you. After all, it’s the part we love to do.