Innovative data visualisation for your clients

If you’re a public affairs agency, then Polimapper has the tools to take your client’s campaigning and lobbying to the next level.

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Polimapper enables you to visualise data in the policy areas that concern your client by various political geographies.

By breaking data down by constituency or local authority, Polimapper’s bespoke software enables your client to present their asks to political stakeholders in terms they really understand – how it impacts the people who vote for them.

Polimapper is an interactive tool that is equally at home presenting data to stakeholders in 1-2-1 meetings, as it is at parliamentary receptions or party conferences.

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Public campaigns

Polimapper applies the same principle to public facing campaigns. By taking localised data and presenting it to people in an easy-to-understand visual way, Polimapper can be used to garner public support for campaigns.

First, raise awareness of an issue by sharing Polimapper collateral (such as downloadable heatmaps) on social media.

Get their attention by highlighting the magnitude of an issue, via impactful data and clear presentation, in the area someone lives.

Then spur them into action utilising Polimapper’s in-built Email MP and Tweet MP functions, which use bespoke templates written by you and incorporate data specific to an MP’s constituency to really grab their attention.

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Visualising data for reports and analysis

Polimapper provides agencies with easy ways of turning spreadsheets of data into meaningful, actionable visualisations.

Its easy-to-use CMS means you can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an interactive map in a matter of minutes for purposes of analysis.

Downloadable map imagery makes the creation of heatmaps for reports, proposals, and other documents a simple task for a vast array of geo-political boundaries in the UK. From constituencies, to local authorities; from police force areas to fire & rescue services; or from integrated care boards in England, to health boards in other parts of the UK.

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