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Constituency Engage

Geographic data

Relevant insights

Policy Actions

Constituency Engage is an interactive tool that enables you to rally supporters and MPs directly to really capture their attention

At 1-2-1 meetings with MPs and other political stakeholders

On your website, on social media and in newsletters

Where to use
Constituency Engage

At party conferences

At parliamentary receptions


Get the attention of MPs directly in 1-2-1 meetings
Or indirectly via supporters writing to their MP
Ready-made collateral for social media in the form of PDF and PNG exports
Area dashboards with unique hyperlinks for targeted social media promotion or advertising

How it works

Geographic data

Own sources

Public sources

FOI requests

Commissioned research

Relevant insights

Country heatmaps to inform

Constituency data to enlighten

Commentary to contextualise

To achieve
Your policy

How Polimapper helps you achieve
Your campaign goals


Attract attention to issues on social media

Or by emailing your supporter base

Drive traffic to Polimapper landing page


Reinforce nature of issues with data-backed insights via Polimapper’s interactive map

Enable them to compare severity of issue with national trends across different data points


Spur supporters into action with:

Email your MP function

Tweet your MP function

Sign petition

Raise further awareness on social media


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