Highlight your economic impact

Whether you are looking to engage MPs, support your community, or highlight hotspots in the UK, Polimapper is on hand to make meetings, lobbying and campaigning easy.

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Highlight the issues that matter most to MPs and their constituents. Explain how your business benefits the local economy, and how you plan to help the community you work in.

From using charts to showcase the changing trends in the community, to demonstrating the positive impact of training programs on young people, Polimapper is on hand to highlight the benefits of your business to MPs.

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Engage your community

Highlight your commitment to your local community and your CSR strategy by awareness raising with data.

Gain support for your charitable objectives with easily accessible data. Share the maps on social media to gain traction and support for the issues that matter most to your business and community.

Whether you are supporting youth mental health services, ending loneliness campaigns or refugees, data is a powerful tool in raising awareness of both the current situations, and the potential solutions.

With localised data at your disposal, rally supporters behind your campaign, and build momentum by encouraging social sharing. Or go one step further, get your supporters to directly contact their MP with Polimapper’s ‘Email MP’ function, sending hyper relevant data straight to their inbox in three easy steps.

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Heat maps and hotspots

When staring at a spreadsheet full of data, getting to the heart of the issue and working out next steps is tricky.

Using Polimapper, you can bring this data to life.

Save time in meetings by presenting your data interactively. Let Polimapper do the analysis for you, visualising the key trends at the touch of a button.

Use the heatmap to highlight key business areas in the country, or locations which require future investment, so you can plan for the future.

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