Utilise data to inform policy

For local authorities, Polimapper makes it easy to visualise a wide range of data within your boundaries to help you make policy and spending decisions.

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Visualise and analyse

We offer a bespoke service for local authorities that involves providing interactive administrative maps of your council area.

Whether you have data by ward, postcode or medium super output area (MSOA), Polimapper makes it easy to upload and visualise data using heatmaps. 

Our easy-to-use CMS means you can turn an Excel spreadsheet into an interactive map in a matter of minutes for purposes of analysis.

For example, you might want to map mean incomes or deprivation data across your jurisdiction at ward level to identify those areas in greatest need of council funding. Or to understand why recycling rates are better in one part of the council than another, which might lead to a campaign to increase them where it’s needed most.

Once you see something on the council heatmap you want to explore in more detail, simply click into an area for a deeper dive into the data using narrative explanations and charts to aid understanding.

Our maps can be used online and at events for public information purposes, or for private analysis purposes to help make informed policy decisions. 

Downloadable map imagery makes the creation of heatmaps for reports, proposals, and other documents a simple task. 

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