Posted on: 18 May 2023

Here’s a full list of the latest improvements and updates included in Version 3.


Speed and Responsiveness

As a front-end user, one of the key updates you will notice in this latest version of Polimapper is a reduction in loading time and an overall improvement in responsiveness when navigating the maps.


Iframe Integration

We have improved the process of integrating maps by incorporating an iframe generator within the Polimapper system.

With this generator, you will have greater flexibility over how the map will appear, with the option to add/remove:

  • The title
  • The logo
  • The location dropdown
  • The share icon
  • The introductory text, and
  • The footer

The system will then automatically generate the iframe code, which you can then embed within your website.

To find out more about web integration, click here


New Map Template

We have now added a Great Britain Constituency map template to Polimapper, to better showcase GB data.


Export Node Link

Version 3 features the ability to export the full list of urls for each node on the map, making it much easier to send specific data to MPs, stakeholders and other interested parties.


Call to Action Text [Constituency Engage only]

For Constituency Engage users, we have incorporated a Call to Action text box to the constituency maps to help support your campaigning.

Add a message to encourage supporters to contact their MP and share the data with them.


Admin System

We have made improvements to the backend system, introducing a much easier to navigate menu system, including adding a ‘View Map’ button.


Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Issues with special characters have been resolved
  • Map layout on PNG exports has been improved
  • Twitter sharing has been improved
  • Layout improvements made to import tool