Posted on: 17 May 2023

V3 is faster – load times have been significantly reduced.

V3 is more responsive – we have improved the way the application responds to different screen sizes and website containers.

V3 is more customisable – display only the elements you want to display when integrating it into your website.

Today, we’re delighted to launch Polimapper V3.



Taking a look at a Polimapper project in V2 and V3 you’d be forgiven for asking ‘what’s changed’?

That’s because the biggest changes have taken place under the hood to speed up the application. Much of the back-end architecture has been reconfigured bringing load times down significantly to just a few seconds for even the most complicated of projects.

Polimapper has always been designed to be quick to use once loaded; all data and profiles are loaded during the initial load phase to ensure responses are instant when using it at events or in meetings. But this came at the expense of load time.

That’s where V3 is different, because it still provides the same instant response once loaded, but loading it in the first place now is infinitely faster.

That means you can now use the full range of functionality, and upload reams of data, when integrating it into your website without sacrificing speed. 


More responsive

The responsiveness of Polimapper has been significantly improved too, so it will now work even better at different screen sizes and web containers.

Want to view it on a mobile phone, or post it into a narrow blog post? No problem. 

V3 will adapt to whatever shape and sized page you want to post it in.



V3 has also taken a quantum leap forward when it comes to integration through new levels of customisation.

Using the new ‘iframe code generator’ you can add and remove elements of the stand alone Polimapper display to best suit the web environment in which you’re posting it.

You can remove the title, logo, location dropdown, text and footer. If all you want to embed on a page is a map and key, then you now have that flexibility.

We look forward to rolling this out and seeing a variety of different combinations across different websites in the near future.

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