Posted on: 18 May 2023

Integrating Polimapper into your website environment just got much easier with the introduction of customisable iframes.*

Customisable iframes enable you to select the various elements of the stand alone application when embedding it into a website, so it can fit the page in the way you want it to.

Elements such as the logo, title and page footer, which are necessary when using the tool as a standalone application, can be removed from embedded versions. The iframe generator in the Polimapper content management system makes adding or removing elements as simple as ticking or unticking a box.

In this blog we take you through some examples of different customisations for different circumstances:

Census housing data – Polimapper website

This is a simple test page on the Polimapper website that incorporates the iframe of our census housing map.

In this example we have removed:

  • The logo – because it would duplicate the website logo
  • The footer – because there is an existing website footer

View this example

Job advert data by local authority –

This is an example of Polimapper being embedded into an article on a website. The iframe automatically responds to the width of the page and the view becomes more like what you would expect to see when looking at it on a mobile device.

The elements we have removed here are:

  • The footer – because it looks out of place in an article embed
  • Intro text  – we don’t need the intro text because it is explained by the surrounding article

In this case we kept the logo (for promotional purposes) and all other elements.

View this example.

Cancer Waiting Times by Integrated Care Board – Polimapper blog

This map sits within the Polimapper blog, which is wider than the page. Again the iframe responds automatically to the width of the page.

In this example we have stripped it right back so only the map displays. This is ideal when you want your website to provide any background context or explanation on how to use the map. For the record we have removed:

  • The title
  • Logo
  • Location dropdown
  • Share icons
  • Intro text
  • Footer

View this example.

Over the coming months we look forward to being able to bring you examples of integrations within client websites as this functionality is rolled out.


*The iframe generator is a feature of Constituency Engage packages, but existing customers can request customised iframe code from their customer support representative.