Posted on: 17 March 2023

We have recently put live the latest batch of improvements to Polimapper. Here is a rundown of the changes in Version 2.3.2.


New maps

We have put live a number of new map templates:

  • Counties and unitaries in England and Wales only – certain data releases, most notably census data, only cover England and Wales. This template enables visualisation of that data without having areas of maps blanked out. 
  • UK parliamentary constituencies in England and Wales only – created for similar reasons as the above.
  • UK and Republic of Ireland – for occasions when data for the Republic of Ireland is also available.
  • London Boroughs – enabling London focused organisations to visualise data across the capital.


We have also updated the following map templates to ensure Orkney and Shetland are in their correct position relative to the mainland.

  • Scottish parliament constituencies
  • Scottish parliament regions
  • Scottish local authorities


Hide blank data points

We have added functionality enabling blank data points to be hidden rather than have to need an N/A or similar to improve the look of dashboards, especially where there could be multiple blank datapoints.



  • Hyperlinks can now be added as datafields


Minor improvements and bug fixes

  • Redesigned Email MP box
  • Improved map listing on Polimapper CMS
  • Updated licensing/copyright messaging on maps
  • Map border highlights on hover
  • PDF and PNG download can now be disabled by user in the CMS