Posted on: 4 October 2022

It’s striking walking around the exhibition at the Conservative party conference just how many stands utilise maps.

Whether static or interactive, the value in using a map of the UK split into regions, local authorities or parliamentary constituencies in order to help shape a narrative is not in dispute among exhibitors at the conference.

Especially when it comes to highlighting to an MP how issue X affects their area, or how many people company Y employs in their constituency.

And where exhibitors aren’t using maps, many are using constituency profiles – designed, printed and prepped with bespoke constituency data to hand to an MP when they visit their stand.

What’s interesting, however, is how so many of the maps and profiles are single-use creations, set up for a specific project, containing data at a single point in time and with no prospect of being updated without help of either a) a developer or b) the creative team.

This is exactly the problem that Polimapper solves, because it’s so easy to upload data, create and update maps and visualisations.

Polimapper has been tailor made for 1-2-1 interactions with political stakeholders. We’ve used feedback and suggestions from our public affairs customer base to enhance and tailor the tool for this and other public affairs use cases:

  • Each constituency or area is hosted on a unique url, enabling you to create tailor-made dashboards to present information to an MP when they visit your stand
  • Create charts to better visualise data on a per constituency basis and aid understanding
  • Add text summaries utilising merge tags to incorporate key data points, and provide a constituency-specific explanation while only doing the work once.
  • Downloadable constituency summaries in PDF format so they can be emailed to an MP as part of a follow-up, or they can be printed and handed to them.

With Polimapper, you’ll find it so easy to create maps with no involvement from digital, developers or the creative team that you’ll be finding ways to incorporate maps and constituency data into every new campaign you run.

If you want to find out more about how Polimapper can enhance your stand at next year’s party conferences or at forthcoming parliamentary events and the day-to-day of 1-2-1 meetings with MPs once parliament returns, then get in touch by emailing: