Posted on: 20 July 2022
Polimapper | Charities Aid Foundation Generosity Map

Recently, we have been working with the Charities Aid Foundation to create a generosity heat map for England and Wales.

Combing data from the UK Giving Report and the ONS Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings, their maps highlight the levels of generosity across the country.

Since the maps release, the generosity map has seen responses from MPs including Virendra Sharma and Kevin Hollinrake

Polimapper | Charities Aid Foundation Generosity Map

The map found that Hounslow in west London is the most generous area of the country when it comes to charitable giving.

Residents of the London borough give the highest percentage of their average salary to charity, followed by the Isle of Wight, Brighton and another west London borough, Ealing.

To find out more about the level of generosity in your area, use the tool below or click here.

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