Posted on: 25 February 2016

The telecoms regulator Ofcom today published a report setting out the next steps in a strategy designed to make the UK a world-leading digital economy.

Among it’s calls are for BT to open up its network so that competitors can connect to homes and offices, the reform of BT’s network infrastructure company Openreach and measures for telecoms companies to provide a better quality of service to all customers across the UK.

But what is the current picture in terms of superfast and ultrafast broadband availability across the country. Our interactive map shows the availability of broadband where you live, broken down across the UK by parliamentary constituency. The map was created using data from the House of Commons library.

Click on the image below to use the map. And if you’re not happy with broadband availability where you live, tweet the results to your MP.

Polimapper | Broadband speeds by parliamentary constituency